5 Amazing Artists on Instagram

I have discovered in the past few months of using social media more fervently that my favourite go-to platform for inspiration has got to be instagram. This is embarrassing to say but I’m constantly lurking on my phone like a freaking otaku for interesting people, art, design, craft, argh you name it, I’m on it! I get such a huge high when I chance upon something amazing. I love you instagram!

These are the top 5 instagram accounts that I have recently spotted (and coincidentally they all happen to be asian)! #asianpride




Instagram – imakescone / Website


Nope, they do not make scones. They do however make pretty darn cute and colourful embroidered beaded art and jewellery! I am in love with how they make use of beads and threads. It definitely makes each piece more special on its own. I can already foresee beaded patches being the next big hit after embroidered patches!



Instagram – trikotri222 / Website


Tsubasa Kuroda is a genius pom pom making whizkid! Can you believe that these are made out of pom poms?! She makes extremely life-like animal poms and my favourite has got to be the Shibu Inu pom pom. Let’s face it, the new kid dog in town is the Shiba Inu. Everyone I know wants a Shiba! Honestly, the monkey pom pom looks so real, I’m actually a little freaked out.



Instagram – sumoguri333 / Website


Clearly, you can see I’m slightly obsessed with craftmanship that produces realistic looking animals. There is not much online on Sumoguri (which I think means diving or underwater?) and Japanese is foreign to me. It is such a pity because I would love to understand this embroidery artist so much more! Her tiny brooch fishes are so wonderfully made, I can’t imagine how much hard work went into each and every one. You can almost feel the texture of each fish just by looking at the images.



Instagram – y_pls_m / Website


Yuri Miyazaki’s work is so ethereal and divine! I love how she does her embroidery on organza instead of cotton. Her process produces such delicate works that look like ink paintings at first glance. Simply beautiful!



Instagram – lizhao / Website


Liz Hao’s work has a subtle humour to it and I love how something so small can make one smile. These beaded accessories look like tiny pixels from afar and they certainly give off a retro 90s vibe, which I’m totally digging!