5 Amazing Artists on Instagram

I have discovered in the past few months of using social media more fervently that my favourite go-to platform for inspiration has got to be instagram. This is embarrassing to say but I’m constantly lurking on my phone like a freaking otaku for interesting people, art, design, craft, argh you name it, I’m on it! I get such a huge high when I chance upon something amazing. I love you instagram!

These are the top 5 instagram accounts that I have recently spotted (and coincidentally they all happen to be asian)! #asianpride




Instagram – imakescone / Website


Nope, they do not make scones. They do however make pretty darn cute and colourful embroidered beaded art and jewellery! I am in love with how they make use of beads and threads. It definitely makes each piece more special on its own. I can already foresee beaded patches being the next big hit after embroidered patches!



Instagram – trikotri222 / Website


Tsubasa Kuroda is a genius pom pom making whizkid! Can you believe that these are made out of pom poms?! She makes extremely life-like animal poms and my favourite has got to be the Shibu Inu pom pom. Let’s face it, the new kid dog in town is the Shiba Inu. Everyone I know wants a Shiba! Honestly, the monkey pom pom looks so real, I’m actually a little freaked out.



Instagram – sumoguri333 / Website


Clearly, you can see I’m slightly obsessed with craftmanship that produces realistic looking animals. There is not much online on Sumoguri (which I think means diving or underwater?) and Japanese is foreign to me. It is such a pity because I would love to understand this embroidery artist so much more! Her tiny brooch fishes are so wonderfully made, I can’t imagine how much hard work went into each and every one. You can almost feel the texture of each fish just by looking at the images.



Instagram – y_pls_m / Website


Yuri Miyazaki’s work is so ethereal and divine! I love how she does her embroidery on organza instead of cotton. Her process produces such delicate works that look like ink paintings at first glance. Simply beautiful!



Instagram – lizhao / Website


Liz Hao’s work has a subtle humour to it and I love how something so small can make one smile. These beaded accessories look like tiny pixels from afar and they certainly give off a retro 90s vibe, which I’m totally digging!

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Slow it Down

When life gets a little hectic, the best way to slow it down is to keep things to a bare minimum. I thought I would share with you some thoughts on how I finally managed to get my shop up. Truth be told, I was struggling to come up with cohesive ideas for a really long time. If you could see my sketchbooks, they are literally lined with over the top concepts that were impractical and piggy bank breaking. When it came to shooting, I had a different idea for every single product. It was stressing the crap out of me. Coming up with a good concept is still tough to me till this day. Being indecisive is also another one of my weaknesses. This is how I attempted to battle it all (also a reminder to myself when the going gets tough).


Quit worrying

This is something I’m still working on. Easier said than done, as always! I knew if I continued worrying, I would never have anything up by the end of this year or the next and the next thereafter. I even told a friend that if I don’t get this side business up by the start of this year, I’m just going to quit. The worrying was beginning to take a toll on me and I felt incredibly trapped. I mean, let’s face it, the worst thing that can happen is having memories that you can laugh at 5 years down the road. You can always change your direction in life whenever you want. Same goes for bad concepts and bad hairstyles.

Stick to one decision and do it well

Every decision can be a workable decision if you stick up to it. Don’t lose faith in something that hasn’t been tried and tested. Having a million ideas in your head is pointless if you don’t execute it. Do not sit on that idea for an eternity. Get it out of your system! Yes you might make mistakes along the way or you might screw up. But life is often about eliminating things that are not right for you. In order to figure out what you should eliminate, you have to try it at least once to know it’s not going to work. So, stick to it and stop being a fair weathered friend.

Take a break

Often people think that creatives have a continuous pool of artistic ideas. The thing is being creative everyday can be a strenuous affair. This is especially so if you have to be creative both at work and after work. You can either run out of ideas or be completely overwhelmed with too many ideas. I’m going to admit that sometimes all I want to do is eat a bag of chips and watch television all day long. And so be it! Chips for life! Netflix for days!

Strip it down

Though I don’t necessarily think that less is more. It helps if you are drowning in your sea of heavy weight ideas. Lower your expectations, try something a little more manageable. I wanted so badly to make everything perfect that it ended up being a complete mess. If you can only handle one thing at a time, accept it and take it in your stride. You are only one person.

Make it work

Lastly, we all have our bad days. But don’t let it define you. I’m not someone with a big expanse of space. I do not own a studio, neither do I have a good working environment. I knew I had to work with my living situation irregardless of whether I liked it or not. There were definitely days where I complained endlessly about my tiny room. But like Tim Gunn would say, make it work! *snap fingers*

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The Big Move


Hello friends! I would like to give a quick update that I have shifted this blog to a new space. Honestly, I have not been posting anything new in months because it was hard for me to juggle work, setting up a new store and coming up with fresh content on this blog. Now that my web store is in place, I am definitely hoping to get back on track and restart my blogging mojo. Crossing my fingers that I still have some left in me!

It has always been a wish of mine to run a web store selling my art work and things that I make. In fact, this is what I have been telling some friends and family since I was 20. It just never came to fruition. 8 years later and now an old fart, I’m just tired of beating myself down. I have never felt confident enough to actually bite the bullet and do it. I would say it, climb all the way to the middle, only to give up and fall back down to the last rung of the ladder. I am someone that thinks too much, I blame it on my zodiac sign. Damn you Pisces! I would weigh out the pros and cons and eventually talk myself out of doing something. Honestly, when you are fearful, you can literally come up with 101 reasons to not make it happen. I’m sure many of you have been in my shoes before. If you haven’t, can I just say, I wanna be you?!

I’m really looking forward to this new journey in my life. As a hermit at heart, I definitely consider this a milestone even if it’s not much right now. I’m just glad to get it off my chest so that I can focus on worrying about other things in life, ha!  Makers gonna make. Worry warts gonna worry eh?

Well, here’s to a new me and may this be the best year yet! Go, Captain Lulo!

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Let’s Patch Up!

For the month of August, I have been crushing on patches that tickle my funny bone! Here is a quick round up of patches from three rad shops! Honestly, I had the hardest time picking out my favourites. It was difficult to resist the urge to drop all of them into my shopping cart.

My favourite child of the lot is the Stay Home Club patch because hey, I’ve been part of the club since 1988! Anyone who knows me knows I like staying at home like a crazy grandma. Sorry, not part of the cool kids club. The fruit patches by Big Bud Press are insanely wild as well! They are huge and I’m talking 10″! Wow, did I just sound dirty or what, ha! Imagine walking around with a huge banana plastered to your back, dope. Also, let’s not forget those yoga lady patches from Mokuyobi Threads that have me squealing like a teeny-bopper! Admittedly, yoga is not a part of my life but these patches are worthy of being in my life.

I’m going to quit rambling now and let you go hunt for your soul mate patch!


1. Sad Songs Forever Patch, Stay Home Club | 2. Banana Back Patch, Big Bud Press | 3. Lime Patch, Big Bud Press | 4. Grapefruit Patch, Big Bud Press | 5. No Handed Bike Club Patch, Mokuyobi Threads | 6. Stay Home Club Patch, Stay Home Club | 7. Mini Ghost Patch, Mokuyobi Threads | 8. Yoga Mountain Patch, Mokuyobi Threads x UO | 9. Yoga Wave Patch, Mokuyobi Threads x UO

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How-To: DIY Tiny Hand Brooch Pin


I needed to stop fawning over little creepy expensive hand brooches, so I made one, ok two. No surprise here. They look kind of like one of those ridiculous hand shaped backscratches I used to see selling in neighbourhood homeware stores. Not the wooden ones, but the plastic ones with red fingernails that make a funny sound when you tilt it. I always wondered who bought them. I guess I would have if they were gold in colour, haha! Also, I have to say anything spray painted into a solid shade of gold can make even the most hideous of objects look expensive.

Lately, enamel pins have been showing up all over my instagram and I love them! There’s something about adding a little pin to your plain outfits to really give it that extra pizzazz. They make awesome conversation starters if they are hilarious, out of this world or just batshit crazy. Bad at making small talk? Make these pins work for you! To be specific, make this creepy hand pin. Read on to see how you can get your own faux gold hand brooch in no time! (P.S. I’m not reliable for any questionable looks that might start coming your way.)



Doll Hands | Spray Paint | Brooch Pin | Glue


1. Dismantle your doll parts. This might make you feel sad, but it will be worth it! These plastic hands are from old flea market man toys like G.I Joes or other character type military dolls. They are ball jointed so removing their parts is easy as pie!


2. Stick the hand somewhere, make sure it does not budge or topple over during the spray painting process. You can use toothpicks or skewers.


3. Coat the hand evenly with your chosen fancy schmancy colour. Leave it alone till it’s dry to the touch and then coat a glossy varnish or sealant over it.


4. Stick your brooch pin with superglue or E6000 onto the back of the tiny hand. Leave it to dry for 24 hours. Note – I tried using these brooch pins but realised that it does not sit very well when pinned. I would recommend using butterfly clasps pins instead.


And there you have it, a superb way to stop hiding in a corner, create a conversation and break some ice!



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