Hey ho!

rp_DSC_1397_zps99db114b.jpgIt has been a while since I have updated my blog and for many reasons! I can be quite the procrastinator sometimes. Sorry to disappoint, but the shop is still not open. I bought the sign from Daiso to motivate myself, it was not very helpful.

4 main reasons why I haven’t been around:

1. My computer is moving at a snail’s pace and I find it extremely frustrating to edit my photographs. In a huff, I chucked the blog aside and finally am starting to feel guilty about it. Eeps!

2. I have been contemplating moving to a wordpress platform and have been sussing out templates every other day. Being the fickle minded person I am, I’m afraid to commit to a permanent domain name and putting down the money for a fancy template (although that would mean better customisation options, proper technical support and spiffy new features). I love tumblr and its backend. But, with the things that I am beginning to consider integrating into my blog, it would not be possible with tumblr’s limitations. Girl has gots to think.

3. Learning to accept my own aesthetics has wrung me dry as well. I am constantly thinking of redefining my style and postponing all DIY updates because I want them to look better. But, what is better is so subjective. Sometimes I’m in a personal debate with myself, kind of like those cartoons where the cat has the devil and angel popping up at the side of his head telling him what to do.

4. Personal life crises. Basically, life just hit me hard with a giant trout. It’s either I take that trout and make a mean meal out of it or let it slobber me to death.

Well, that said, it’s back to the grind and yes, the guilt ridden me will be updating as soon as I get back from buying a giant squeegee. Till then!

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Pom Poms for Breakfast

imageGood morning world, super cute breakfast coming your way! I’ve been coming up with lots of new pom poms lately and it’s getting hard to find a place to put them. My room is a ticking time bomb ready to explode with fluffy goodness! Today’s menu is filled with mouth watering sausages, perfectly timed hard boiled eggs and tons of healthy home grown vegetables! Everything on that delectable platter uses the same technique that I’m sharing in the following step by step pictures. This basic tutorial is for a carrot, but also applicable for a tomato. So let’s get started!


image1. Cut two 6cm diameter donut circles with 3cm diameter holes in the middle with cardboard. The bigger the circle, the bigger the pom pom! Hold both circles together and wrap a tiny bit of green yarn on the top. I marked the circle in half as a guide because if you are doing the mushroom pom pom, you would want to fill the entire top half with brown and bottom with white.

image 2. Overlay orange yarn on top of the green and wrap it all over the entire circle.

image3. Noticed how I cut a gap at the line, it helps to wind the yarn into the ring and also makes it easier to cut the yarn later on (you will see!).

image4. When you are done winding the yarn, get your scissors in-between the two cardboard discs and cut it all the way through.

image5. Carefully tie a string of yarn in the middle portion of your two discs and tie a few knots tightly – very tightly around the core of your pom pom.


image6. It will look like a hot mess after you remove the cardboard pieces, nothing like a carrot.

image7. So what you gotta do is to trim the orange fuzz away into a cone shape. Trim down the orange yarn that’s around the green, but leave the green yarn alone. I mean it.

imageAnd there you have it! Soft squishy play food, yummy! If you want the carrot to be longer, add more orange yarn during the wrapping process or use a bigger circle. For the tomatoes, follow the same steps but cut it round instead of a cone.

imageNow go along and achieve your masterchef pom pom dreams! Xo.

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Triangle Clutches

Last night, I was tossing and turning in bed racking my brains over a pattern for a triangle clutch bag. It caused me so much distress that I ended up dreaming of experiencing an earthquake and a marathon all in one! To get out of this sad hamster wheel, this morning was spent trawling the web for some inspiration. It helped a little as I realised I was over thinking my pattern and not letting the fabric speak to me. Let’s hope these beautiful works of art can give me at least a part of their magic!

image(Alpha Cruxis Clutch Bag here, Celine Berlingot Twisted Clutch Bag here)

image(Clean Everything Folded Clutch here, M.Hulot Clutch here)

Aren’t these clutches awesome? I love the clean lines and minimalist aesthetic. Being pretty clueless about fashion trends, some of these might not be in season anymore. However, they are definitely timeless classic pieces on their own!

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DIY Pastel Coloured Stones

Two weeks ago, I featured some of these beauties in one of my pictures as a styling prop. The only difference was, they were white in colour. I am not great at deciding in advance what colour palette I need for a shoot or a concept. So this makes the perfect last minute solution for me when I need something extra in a picture to gel everything together. I love how simple it is to make and how it does not require you to constantly have to run to the art supply store (where I know I will end up getting too many colours and never to use them again)!

imageHere are the secret ingredients to making some yummy looking stones:

  • White polymer clay
  • Chalk Pastels
  • Penknife
  • Oven

imagePardon the hideous looking chalk pieces, I should seriously consider throwing some of the tiny bits away. The only time I remember using these for ‘artistic’ purposes was when I was in product design class. And no, I was not good at it.

imageOnce you shove the sentimentality aside, you need to shave the chalk with your penknife to get a pretty powdery mess. The vibrancy on the chalk will not be transferred onto the polymer clay with just a few shaves, you probably need the whole bar and that is why this DIY is only for pastel coloured stones (insert feeble laugh).

imageMash the powdery chalk into your clay and knead them up till the colour is evenly distributed. Add more chalk till you get the colour you want.

imageExperiment mixing different colours for the adventurous one!

imageAnd when you are done, ta-dah! You get chewing gum look-a-likes! Honestly, you can stop here if you want. They would make super funny magnets for the fridge, imagine sticking gum to secure your notes from sliding off.

imageBut if you prefer to try your hand out at making these gemstones, you have to roll them into a ball and then cut slices away to form a geometric shape. It takes practice, so try a few times to get a hang of it!

The last step would be to pop them into the oven at 120 degree celsius for approximately 15 minutes. Leave to cool and when it’s ready, give yourself a high five. You go Glenn Coco!

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DIY Shiny Cloud Mat

Lately, I have been working my butt off building up on my inventory for the shop. And on occasion, I mess up because I get too tired or my mind starts wandering off as I’m doing the same mundane task of cutting shapes. You snooze, you lose. When that happens, I feel like stabbing someone with my scissors. I am sure we all have those moments. *shifty eyes*

So, this little cutey here was a result of me messing up. I was cutting up clouds and bam!, I forgot to give enough allowance for this particular one. It was such a big piece and could definitely be used for something. That something is now a shiny cloud sitting on my table!

imageThis cloud placemat is so simple to make and you can use just about any fabric you desire.

You need:

  • Clear vinyl
  • Fabric of your choice
  • Stiff felt
  • Scissors
  • Basic sewing skills

imageStart by drawing your cloud pattern on all three pieces. I used the stiff felt as a base because I felt that my shiny fabric was too soft. I wanted the placemat to feel more solid. The clear vinyl prevents water from seeping into your fabric. Of course, the whole mat is not entirely waterproof, so do clean up spills quickly!

imageCut out the cloud when you have transferred the pattern on each piece.

imageSandwich your shiny fabric in between the base and vinyl. Finish it off by sewing all three layers together! If you do not have a sewing machine, simply use a blanket stitch with some embroidery thread to finish. When you sew with vinyl, do use a teflon footer or tape the base of your metal foot with masking tape.

imageTa-dah! You are on cloud nine, give yourself a pat on the back.

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