A Day in Paradise

photo HK001_zps1076c93b.jpgThe city that carries the same heartbeat as the one I live in. The city that is divided between the old and the new. The city that gives me hope.

Having spent 5 days in Hong Kong, I dare say there is some sort of paradise trapped beneath the rough surface of this city. It is a love-hate relationship. But I am pretty sure I would be making a yearly pilgrimage here from now on. I would choose another month though, maybe march? The chilly weather was not what I had expected. Having lived in Sweden for half a year, I thought I had bragging rights to claim I knew everything about weather. It’s strange how we go to nearly every country and all we talk about is weather. Well, enough of this weather talk syndrome.

photo HK002_zpsa1f66d8b.jpgI spent 3 days in total sourcing and picking out textiles for Oh Mignon! (the name as of now). It was more stressful and arduous than I had imagined! I was faced with a mountain of choices and selections to make before all five days were up. To think that I had initially wanted this to be a mini holiday/work trip, what a load of bullocks! I shall never attempt to squeeze such terrible planning into a trip ever again. On the flip side, at least I got to see some of the beautiful parts of the city and meet up with old friends!

photo HK004_zps12633544.jpg

photo HK003_zps4740f55d.jpgThe word compact definitely comes to mind looking back. Buildings, street advertisements, people and even goldfish in plastic packets were jam packed and sandwiched together. Such is life on a tiny plot of land. To sum it up, this trip feels incomplete to me! After all, I barely had a moment to breathe and absorb all sights and sounds. Hong Kong, I will be coming back for you!

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