Sewing, Level Up

I recently purchased an overlocker from a local dealer – a really nice and knowledgable middle aged man. It’s a vintage babylock EF-405 in a cute shade of blue and I admit it probably was one of the factors that made me take the plunge! Let’s face it, no one wants a machine in a hideous shade of grey sitting on their desk. Anyway, this would be my very first time using an overlocker and I am not sure if I made the best and wisest decision to purchase something so old and basic.

It’s super heavy (made entirely out of metal), only 3 threads, no fancy hemming and no differential feed. This old grandma of a machine has been zapping me with some electric currents as well. So now I have to wear rubber slippers while using it. But not forever, I will be bringing it back for a health checkup after the lunar new year. The thought of carrying this blue child of mine all the way back to Yishun just kills me. Yikes, what did I get myself into?

photo DSC_1099_zps9c07dd6b.jpgUnfortunately, brand new overlockers are crazy expensive in Singapore (even when discounted). I have been considering getting one for the longest time, but have often been put off by the price. It was not till recently that I decided to hunt for local dealers that also did refurbishing for old and used machines. Boy, were they hard to search for off the internet! I have listed two shops below that I have personally been to and spent ages in there without getting chased out. Phew! The second hand overlockers are not entirely cheap to me, but I do believe some of the older full metal-bodied ones are hardy. You can get one slightly below $300. I think it would be better to stick with the popular brands like Juki, Janome and Babylock. You should also make sure you can get a warranty for your item. I have a one year warranty for mine and was ensured that should any parts malfunction there will be replacements for it. That really set my heart at ease!

So now that I have my sewing duo, I can’t wait to make more beautifully crafted things! I spend the whole 初一 (first day of the new year) drafting out new patterns for the (non-existent) shop. I will try to put some of them up here when it’s ready! Till then! XO.

P.S. The addresses for refurbished overlockers below!

Ban Soon Sewing Machine

Block 431 Clementi Ave 3, #01-328,Singapore 120431

Freddy Electric Sewing Machine

Block 928 Yishun Central 1, #01-141, Singapore 760928

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Happy 2014!

New year, new resolutions? I’m not particularly a fan of making resolutions when the new year swings by. It might be that I’m horrible at keeping them or the fact that I make new ones every other day? Likely due to my fickle nature and lack of attention span. 

Somehow, this year, I’m quite bent on making and keeping the following resolutions. Half of 2012 and 2013 were spent drunk searching between the big graduation and the big job-of-my-life hunt. Life spilled all over the new carpeted floor and things got foggy. No use wishing for what could have been, instead I hope to gather enough courage and heart to brave through 2014. 

So here goes, tough resolutions – please be kind! :

1. Keep up with this log and document every creation.

2. Meet new people, make new friendships. Stay connected with old ones.

3. Spend more time with Ashley/Golden Paws.

4. Stay rooted to the dream – never lose sight. You can make it!

5. Give back to those who love you.

6. Have more faith in yourself. Don’t be afraid of how others might judge you.

7. Sleep early, be disciplined and have a schedule.

8. Be able to survive this whole year, flying solo. 

Being an adult is such a pivotal moment in our lives, yet it’s one of the scariest times I’ve had! To the new adult me – Mazel Tov!

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Fave Candy Swap for August

imageI have been a swap-botter since 2010, but stopped mid way in 2011 because I was in Sweden/broke/final year in university. Come 2012, I am back again on Swap-bot, but still broke. This is only my third swap this year and might be my last till I get a job pronto! I hate that I always forget to document my swaps because I do put in quite a bit of time for the crafty ones. I hope to make a habit of keeping track of them through pictures in future.

This was a relatively simple swap where we had two partners to send favourite candies to! Having pretty much a sweet sour tooth, I really wanted to join this so I could get interesting international candy as well.

Most of the candy that I crave happen to be sour. I didn’t want to kill my partners with too many face-cringing sour sweets, so I included some asian candy that I loved as a child. There’s the milk candy wrapped with a thin sticky rice paper around it. The rice paper is tasteless but somehow I get excited just thinking about them. And these lemon sweets that are called ‘Ling Mong Tablets’, completely baffling. They are wrapped in this hideous gold foil which has been used for like the past 20 years? You kinda bite them and it melts in your mouth. The more you eat them, the more addictive it is!


imageI do hope my swap partners enjoy what I have picked out for them. But I am most excited about receiving some new sweets in the letterbox this month!

On a completely random note, sneak peek of another silkscreen – the emulsion was coated on pretty badly so the timings kind of screwed up on this one. So I had to tape lotsa “holes” in the screen. I am still figuring out a way to solve uneven emulsion coating with a squeegee.

imageTill the next time! Xoxo.

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The Start of Something Exciting

Hello internet! I have finally gotten around to creating a tiny tumblr log to document my handmade adventures and experiments. With this entry, I promise great things ahead! *cross fingers tight*

I’m Cheryl and I have many dreams (and well, also nightmares about what will happen to me now that I have graduated). I have been told that I need to take it one step at a time. Keep calm and carry on.

Anyway, just recently I made my first silkscreen at home after watching countless youtube and blog tutorials. It was pretty tedious and I messed up a little, but it was a SUCCESS and a medal worthy moment. Here’s a sneak peak at what I was up to.

Being a good silkscreen student, I did a test strip for the first coat to get the right exposure. All that was needed is 10 minutes under a 500 watt tungsten lamp and a good snack during the waiting time. As I was too excited, I went ahead to print the test strip on a swatch of fabric. You don’t really have to do that! It looked good, so it was time to move on to a bigger challenge!


imageMy second coat after exposure worked brilliantly and brought tears to my eyes. I have been sketching out a couple of popular southeast asian snacks and this is one of them. This one is called Jiu Cheng Gao in chinese and means 9 layered cake, but no one really uses that name. My emulsion coating does seem a little uneven and I thought it would affect the silkscreen. But it worked out really well! It would be better to invest in a scoop coater though.

imageAnd wallah, you are now ready to print on your favorite canvas tote or tea towels. Other spiffy food creatures lining up to be silkscreened. They are super excited!

imageI am going to be buying some more silkscreen frames and canvas tote bags to print on this week. Watch this space! 🙂

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