Brighter than Sunshine

I’m a big fan of quirky and vibrant designs that pack a punch! My 2015 go-to palette are definitely wild colour pairings and postmodern 80s memphis patterns. I have been lusting after these beautiful pieces for the longest time! Both labels have one of a kind pieces that are handcrafted and constructed using the simplest of materials. I must say that I’m terribly tempted to purchase them. My wardrobe really needs a burst of colour.



Túworkshop is based in Shanghai/Hong Kong and everything is made to order. Their jewellery brings pom poms to a whole new level! You can finally wear pom poms around your neck without looking tacky! I love the way they see colour too, always choosing fun combinations that contrast seamlessly together.


Check out their website & instagram and who knows, you might walk away with a little something.


Equally talented, Tiff Manuell is one woman that has more affinity with colour than I will ever have in my entire life. I love how she fearlessly adds patterns and colours to a blank canvas. Her job might just be my dream job. Being able to completely immerse oneself everyday in art that not only makes you happy, but also sends good vibes to the receiver.



Her goods really define the epitome of creativity. I think these would be perfect to bring out your larger than life personality! You can continue drooling over her works at her website and instagram.