5 Amazing Artists on Instagram

I have discovered in the past few months of using social media more fervently that my favourite go-to platform for inspiration has got to be instagram. This is embarrassing to say but I’m constantly lurking on my phone like a freaking otaku for interesting people, art, design, craft, argh you name it, I’m on it! I get such a huge high when I chance upon something amazing. I love you instagram!

These are the top 5 instagram accounts that I have recently spotted (and coincidentally they all happen to be asian)! #asianpride




Instagram – imakescone / Website


Nope, they do not make scones. They do however make pretty darn cute and colourful embroidered beaded art and jewellery! I am in love with how they make use of beads and threads. It definitely makes each piece more special on its own. I can already foresee beaded patches being the next big hit after embroidered patches!



Instagram – trikotri222 / Website


Tsubasa Kuroda is a genius pom pom making whizkid! Can you believe that these are made out of pom poms?! She makes extremely life-like animal poms and my favourite has got to be the Shibu Inu pom pom. Let’s face it, the new kid dog in town is the Shiba Inu. Everyone I know wants a Shiba! Honestly, the monkey pom pom looks so real, I’m actually a little freaked out.



Instagram – sumoguri333 / Website


Clearly, you can see I’m slightly obsessed with craftmanship that produces realistic looking animals. There is not much online on Sumoguri (which I think means diving or underwater?) and Japanese is foreign to me. It is such a pity because I would love to understand this embroidery artist so much more! Her tiny brooch fishes are so wonderfully made, I can’t imagine how much hard work went into each and every one. You can almost feel the texture of each fish just by looking at the images.



Instagram – y_pls_m / Website


Yuri Miyazaki’s work is so ethereal and divine! I love how she does her embroidery on organza instead of cotton. Her process produces such delicate works that look like ink paintings at first glance. Simply beautiful!



Instagram – lizhao / Website


Liz Hao’s work has a subtle humour to it and I love how something so small can make one smile. These beaded accessories look like tiny pixels from afar and they certainly give off a retro 90s vibe, which I’m totally digging!

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Handy Dandy

Is it creepy that I’m strangely drawn to these little hand accessories? I’m sure this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea so skip away if you are beginning to feel goosebumps. I’m a sucker when it comes to odd paraphernalia and this makes the perfect pairing for the weird side of my personality. Apparently, hand motifs in trinkets and jewellery were very common during the Victorian Era. The way the hands and fingers were positioned used to represent different meanings and emotions. If the first finger was extended in a hand, this was a way of asking one to keep away! Interesting how a pair of hands in design can actually have special significance, huh? If you ever see any hands carved on objects in future, make sure to observe how it’s being portrayed. Who knows what you will uncover!


Links: here, here, here, here, here, here and here

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Artist Spotlight – Naoshi

Please excuse me while I clear the cobwebs off my almost defunct blog. To my horror, I haven’t updated since October last year and it even took me a while to figure out how to log back into wordpress. How embarrassing! Nonetheless, I come bearing gifts (of inspiration) today! I have quite a long list of artists, illustrators, craft makers and crazy geniuses on my “people I want be when i grow up” scroll. For today, I would like to introduce to you – the wonderful world of Naoshi!

NAOSHI-005Escape to Sunny-side up, 2011

Ever played with coloured sand art when you were a kid? My first and last attempt at sand art happened when I was still in primary school, I remember sitting at a small store with my aunt and younger brother pouring sand onto an adhesive sheet. I found it quite fun but my younger brother got bored mid-way and I believe I gleefully finished his piece for him. These days, they are still littered around shopping malls in Singapore but with rather unappealing illustrations. Naoshi’s artwork on the other hand, just blows you away. She is a Japanese artist that works with coloured sand (called Sunae in Japanese) to create surreal pieces of work that invite you into a playful and imaginative wonderland. Her work is so weird and strange in the most delightful way. Yes, she somehow manages to make weird and strange stinking cute!

NAOSHI-002Measuring Height, 2012

I am typically not a big fan of pop art-ish works or art pieces with too many girls in them. But I have succumb to her work! It might be because even though her characters are mostly female, yet they are child-like and not overly feminine. They mainly feed on donuts and cake, so it’s hard not to love as well. Her Thumbelina characters get into the oddest adventures and lead such otherworldly lives, that you feel deeply inclined to jump into one of those space flying donuts and wave goodbye to all your troubles.

NAOSHI-003Doughnut Pool, 2014

NAOSHI-004Toothpick Rain, 2012 & The Narcissus and Me, 2013 

It is not easy to use conventional mediums to carve out a niche art practice, but Naoshi does it effortlessly! To me, that and her whimsical sense of humour is the magic formula to her successful works. If you are curious, I’m guilty of owning Measuring Height & Toothpick Rain! You can easily get them from her Etsy store or visit her website for more.

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Personality Pots

Give me something with a cute face on it and I would go weak in the knees in seconds! Don’t you just want to pick these up and cuddle them right away? I have been stalking some of these ceramics for ages and badly want one in my house! It’s also spurred me on to come up with more personality-type pieces for projects because what’s not to love? Although, I do already see myself doing that more often that usual.


image(Atelier Stella Planters here)

image(Wacamole Ceramic Planters here)

image(Charlotte Mei Bread Tile here, The Sill Face Planter here)

image(Clay Opera Cloud here)

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Triangle Clutches

Last night, I was tossing and turning in bed racking my brains over a pattern for a triangle clutch bag. It caused me so much distress that I ended up dreaming of experiencing an earthquake and a marathon all in one! To get out of this sad hamster wheel, this morning was spent trawling the web for some inspiration. It helped a little as I realised I was over thinking my pattern and not letting the fabric speak to me. Let’s hope these beautiful works of art can give me at least a part of their magic!

image(Alpha Cruxis Clutch Bag here, Celine Berlingot Twisted Clutch Bag here)

image(Clean Everything Folded Clutch here, M.Hulot Clutch here)

Aren’t these clutches awesome? I love the clean lines and minimalist aesthetic. Being pretty clueless about fashion trends, some of these might not be in season anymore. However, they are definitely timeless classic pieces on their own!

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