Let’s Patch Up!

For the month of August, I have been crushing on patches that tickle my funny bone! Here is a quick round up of patches from three rad shops! Honestly, I had the hardest time picking out my favourites. It was difficult to resist the urge to drop all of them into my shopping cart.

My favourite child of the lot is the Stay Home Club patch because hey, I’ve been part of the club since 1988! Anyone who knows me knows I like staying at home like a crazy grandma. Sorry, not part of the cool kids club. The fruit patches by Big Bud Press are insanely wild as well! They are huge and I’m talking 10″! Wow, did I just sound dirty or what, ha! Imagine walking around with a huge banana plastered to your back, dope. Also, let’s not forget those yoga lady patches from Mokuyobi Threads that have me squealing like a teeny-bopper! Admittedly, yoga is not a part of my life but these patches are worthy of being in my life.

I’m going to quit rambling now and let you go hunt for your soul mate patch!


1. Sad Songs Forever Patch, Stay Home Club | 2. Banana Back Patch, Big Bud Press | 3. Lime Patch, Big Bud Press | 4. Grapefruit Patch, Big Bud Press | 5. No Handed Bike Club Patch, Mokuyobi Threads | 6. Stay Home Club Patch, Stay Home Club | 7. Mini Ghost Patch, Mokuyobi Threads | 8. Yoga Mountain Patch, Mokuyobi Threads x UO | 9. Yoga Wave Patch, Mokuyobi Threads x UO

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Brighter than Sunshine

I’m a big fan of quirky and vibrant designs that pack a punch! My 2015 go-to palette are definitely wild colour pairings and postmodern 80s memphis patterns. I have been lusting after these beautiful pieces for the longest time! Both labels have one of a kind pieces that are handcrafted and constructed using the simplest of materials. I must say that I’m terribly tempted to purchase them. My wardrobe really needs a burst of colour.



Túworkshop is based in Shanghai/Hong Kong and everything is made to order. Their jewellery brings pom poms to a whole new level! You can finally wear pom poms around your neck without looking tacky! I love the way they see colour too, always choosing fun combinations that contrast seamlessly together.


Check out their website & instagram and who knows, you might walk away with a little something.


Equally talented, Tiff Manuell is one woman that has more affinity with colour than I will ever have in my entire life. I love how she fearlessly adds patterns and colours to a blank canvas. Her job might just be my dream job. Being able to completely immerse oneself everyday in art that not only makes you happy, but also sends good vibes to the receiver.



Her goods really define the epitome of creativity. I think these would be perfect to bring out your larger than life personality! You can continue drooling over her works at her website and instagram.

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It’s been an exhausting week, I only got home at 3am last night from working at the night festival. I had to drag myself out of bed because there is still so much to do. Before I get started on any work, I usually spend the first waking hours hunting for some inspiration. Today, I chanced upon two stores which I can’t believe I haven’t seen earlier on!

I really love handcrafted goods that are fun to have, especially if it’s something I can totally imagine the maker sitting in their room and taking their time to craft it out. Tactile craft goods are really my calling!


(Benu Leather Jewellery here)

Benu’s leather jewellery are absolutely cute and yet so wearable! I am literally going bananas over the banana necklace! What I love about Benu’s new collection is the striking colour palette, it’s got the classy gold and a pop of playful bright colours. It’s easy to see this paired with most outfits. I like how she’s not going over the top and keeping it simple!


(I am Acrylic here)

I found I am Acrylic in my email through the Supermarket Sarah mailing list, which everyone should check out! They curate a ton of awesome goods from the most amazing creatives! I am Acrylic make very quirky goods and hand cuts all of their work, mostly with a fretsaw! It has been ages since I touched a fretsaw, most Singaporeans would remember using it to make cut out acrylic bowls.


(I am Acrylic / Desert Island here)

I am in love with their landscape pieces – a house in the mountains, along the seaside and on a desert island! I always have so much respect for people that work with small things as it’s incredibly tedious and you know they really love what they do or they wouldn’t be doing it! Xo.


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