Dinosaur Island Screenprint Stencil

Woah nelly, dinosaurs, again! I have been bitten by the prehistoric bug and it’s going to be a while before you see anything else but dinosaurs from me. If you ever wanted to try your hand at screen printing but can’t bear the thought of investing in emulsions and drawing fluids, you should give this a go! It’s a quick surefire way to get you addicted to your very own hand pulled art. I love doing what I call “cut and paste” art, where I use simple shapes to form funny scenes. It requires very little resources, all you need is a big imagination! Get your game face on and go get cracking!



Plain Cotton Bag | Screen print Ink | Screen print A4 Mesh Board | Squeegee | Adhesive Paper


Silkscreen Design


1. Print out the silkscreen design onto a piece of adhesive paper and cut the shapes out.


2. Arrange them according to your preference. Remove the backing and stick them on to the front side of the mesh board.


3. Put a piece of cardboard inside the bag to prevent ink from seeping to the back. Flip the board over and place a good amount of ink at the top of the board. (Psst, I overloaded on mine, sorry!)


4. Get someone to hold the side of the board for you. Using a squeegee or a piece of cardboard, pull the ink from the top down and then back up again.


5. Gently remove the board from the fabric. Transfer any excess ink back into the tub or print on another bag if you wish too! Wash the screen as soon as possible.


6. Leave the ink to dry completely. Once it’s dried, heat set the front and back with an iron for 10 mins. This will ensure you seal the ink onto the bag. Ta-dah! You got yourself a plesiosaurus dinosaur swimming around volcanoes!



#jurassiczookeeper #dinosquad #prattkeeping (hehe, just kidding!)

Photos of me by my sidekick.