DIY Dinosaur Placemats



After watching Jurassic World a few weeks back, I was hit by a wave of childhood nostalgia and a teeny bit of dinosaur fever started creeping back up on me. The days where my brothers and I would collect Jurassic Park stickers, or the times I would watch The Land Before Time for the millionth time instead of doing my homework. The Land Before Time was probably one of my favourite movies as a kid, it was so sad but damn was it good.

After reminiscing about my time as an imaginary dinosaur keeper, I decided to come up with a handful of dino-inspired DIYs. To start the ball rolling, here is a relatively simple DIY tutorial (but might require you to have pretty confident sewing skills). This is very similar to my previous cloud mat tutorial, but let’s just say this is better.


Thick Vinyl | Leatherette | Stiff Felt | Glue | Teflon Footer


Triceratops Pattern


1. Cut the shapes of your Triceratops out following the pattern in the link above.


2. Use fabric glue and piece the layers together. Allow to dry for 15 to 30 minutes.



3. Once that’s dried, glue the entire piece onto a piece of stiff felt. Allow it to dry fully according to the instructions on your fabric glue bottle.



4. Follow the shape of your dinosaur and cut the excess fabric off.


5. Trace the shape of your dinosaur onto a piece of clear vinyl and cut that out. If you want to get rid of the black ink marks after, use some rubbing alcohol to wipe them off.


6. Place the vinyl on top of the leatherette and secure them together using binder clips before sewing. This will ensure that the pieces do no move around during the stitching process.


7. Sew everything up using a teflon footer. For heavy weight fabric, you should sew with a longer stitch length and a needle size of 16/100 or 18/110. Always test on scrap pieces before sewing the actual piece. You might also need to switch to using the hand wheel when you come across tricky areas.




Go ahead and have a little party with your newly made dinosaur friends! Have a roaring good time!