Fave Candy Swap for August

imageI have been a swap-botter since 2010, but stopped mid way in 2011 because I was in Sweden/broke/final year in university. Come 2012, I am back again on Swap-bot, but still broke. This is only my third swap this year and might be my last till I get a job pronto! I hate that I always forget to document my swaps because I do put in quite a bit of time for the crafty ones. I hope to make a habit of keeping track of them through pictures in future.

This was a relatively simple swap where we had two partners to send favourite candies to! Having pretty much a sweet sour tooth, I really wanted to join this so I could get interesting international candy as well.

Most of the candy that I crave happen to be sour. I didn’t want to kill my partners with too many face-cringing sour sweets, so I included some asian candy that I loved as a child. There’s the milk candy wrapped with a thin sticky rice paper around it. The rice paper is tasteless but somehow I get excited just thinking about them. And these lemon sweets that are called ‘Ling Mong Tablets’, completely baffling. They are wrapped in this hideous gold foil which has been used for like the past 20 years? You kinda bite them and it melts in your mouth. The more you eat them, the more addictive it is!


imageI do hope my swap partners enjoy what I have picked out for them. But I am most excited about receiving some new sweets in the letterbox this month!

On a completely random note, sneak peek of another silkscreen – the emulsion was coated on pretty badly so the timings kind of screwed up on this one. So I had to tape lotsa “holes” in the screen. I am still figuring out a way to solve uneven emulsion coating with a squeegee.

imageTill the next time! Xoxo.