Happy 2014!

New year, new resolutions? I’m not particularly a fan of making resolutions when the new year swings by. It might be that I’m horrible at keeping them or the fact that I make new ones every other day? Likely due to my fickle nature and lack of attention span. 

Somehow, this year, I’m quite bent on making and keeping the following resolutions. Half of 2012 and 2013 were spent drunk searching between the big graduation and the big job-of-my-life hunt. Life spilled all over the new carpeted floor and things got foggy. No use wishing for what could have been, instead I hope to gather enough courage and heart to brave through 2014. 

So here goes, tough resolutions – please be kind! :

1. Keep up with this log and document every creation.

2. Meet new people, make new friendships. Stay connected with old ones.

3. Spend more time with Ashley/Golden Paws.

4. Stay rooted to the dream – never lose sight. You can make it!

5. Give back to those who love you.

6. Have more faith in yourself. Don’t be afraid of how others might judge you.

7. Sleep early, be disciplined and have a schedule.

8. Be able to survive this whole year, flying solo. 

Being an adult is such a pivotal moment in our lives, yet it’s one of the scariest times I’ve had! To the new adult me – Mazel Tov!