Hey ho!

rp_DSC_1397_zps99db114b.jpgIt has been a while since I have updated my blog and for many reasons! I can be quite the procrastinator sometimes. Sorry to disappoint, but the shop is still not open. I bought the sign from Daiso to motivate myself, it was not very helpful.

4 main reasons why I haven’t been around:

1. My computer is moving at a snail’s pace and I find it extremely frustrating to edit my photographs. In a huff, I chucked the blog aside and finally am starting to feel guilty about it. Eeps!

2. I have been contemplating moving to a wordpress platform and have been sussing out templates every other day. Being the fickle minded person I am, I’m afraid to commit to a permanent domain name and putting down the money for a fancy template (although that would mean better customisation options, proper technical support and spiffy new features). I love tumblr and its backend. But, with the things that I am beginning to consider integrating into my blog, it would not be possible with tumblr’s limitations. Girl has gots to think.

3. Learning to accept my own aesthetics has wrung me dry as well. I am constantly thinking of redefining my style and postponing all DIY updates because I want them to look better. But, what is better is so subjective. Sometimes I’m in a personal debate with myself, kind of like those cartoons where the cat has the devil and angel popping up at the side of his head telling him what to do.

4. Personal life crises. Basically, life just hit me hard with a giant trout. It’s either I take that trout and make a mean meal out of it or let it slobber me to death.

Well, that said, it’s back to the grind and yes, the guilt ridden me will be updating as soon as I get back from buying a giant squeegee. Till then!