How-To: DIY Tiny Hand Brooch Pin


I needed to stop fawning over little creepy expensive hand brooches, so I made one, ok two. No surprise here. They look kind of like one of those ridiculous hand shaped backscratches I used to see selling in neighbourhood homeware stores. Not the wooden ones, but the plastic ones with red fingernails that make a funny sound when you tilt it. I always wondered who bought them. I guess I would have if they were gold in colour, haha! Also, I have to say anything spray painted into a solid shade of gold can make even the most hideous of objects look expensive.

Lately, enamel pins have been showing up all over my instagram and I love them! There’s something about adding a little pin to your plain outfits to really give it that extra pizzazz. They make awesome conversation starters if they are hilarious, out of this world or just batshit crazy. Bad at making small talk? Make these pins work for you! To be specific, make this creepy hand pin. Read on to see how you can get your own faux gold hand brooch in no time! (P.S. I’m not reliable for any questionable looks that might start coming your way.)



Doll Hands | Spray Paint | Brooch Pin | Glue


1. Dismantle your doll parts. This might make you feel sad, but it will be worth it! These plastic hands are from old flea market man toys like G.I Joes or other character type military dolls. They are ball jointed so removing their parts is easy as pie!


2. Stick the hand somewhere, make sure it does not budge or topple over during the spray painting process. You can use toothpicks or skewers.


3. Coat the hand evenly with your chosen fancy schmancy colour. Leave it alone till it’s dry to the touch and then coat a glossy varnish or sealant over it.


4. Stick your brooch pin with superglue or E6000 onto the back of the tiny hand. Leave it to dry for 24 hours. Note – I tried using these brooch pins but realised that it does not sit very well when pinned. I would recommend using butterfly clasps pins instead.


And there you have it, a superb way to stop hiding in a corner, create a conversation and break some ice!