Let’s Patch Up!

For the month of August, I have been crushing on patches that tickle my funny bone! Here is a quick round up of patches from three rad shops! Honestly, I had the hardest time picking out my favourites. It was difficult to resist the urge to drop all of them into my shopping cart.

My favourite child of the lot is the Stay Home Club patch because hey, I’ve been part of the club since 1988! Anyone who knows me knows I like staying at home like a crazy grandma. Sorry, not part of the cool kids club. The fruit patches by Big Bud Press are insanely wild as well! They are huge and I’m talking 10″! Wow, did I just sound dirty or what, ha! Imagine walking around with a huge banana plastered to your back, dope. Also, let’s not forget those yoga lady patches from Mokuyobi Threads that have me squealing like a teeny-bopper! Admittedly, yoga is not a part of my life but these patches are worthy of being in my life.

I’m going to quit rambling now and let you go hunt for your soul mate patch!


1. Sad Songs Forever Patch, Stay Home Club | 2. Banana Back Patch, Big Bud Press | 3. Lime Patch, Big Bud Press | 4. Grapefruit Patch, Big Bud Press | 5. No Handed Bike Club Patch, Mokuyobi Threads | 6. Stay Home Club Patch, Stay Home Club | 7. Mini Ghost Patch, Mokuyobi Threads | 8. Yoga Mountain Patch, Mokuyobi Threads x UO | 9. Yoga Wave Patch, Mokuyobi Threads x UO