Pom Poms for Breakfast

imageGood morning world, super cute breakfast coming your way! I’ve been coming up with lots of new pom poms lately and it’s getting hard to find a place to put them. My room is a ticking time bomb ready to explode with fluffy goodness! Today’s menu is filled with mouth watering sausages, perfectly timed hard boiled eggs and tons of healthy home grown vegetables! Everything on that delectable platter uses the same technique that I’m sharing in the following step by step pictures. This basic tutorial is for a carrot, but also applicable for a tomato. So let’s get started!


image1. Cut two 6cm diameter donut circles with 3cm diameter holes in the middle with cardboard. The bigger the circle, the bigger the pom pom! Hold both circles together and wrap a tiny bit of green yarn on the top. I marked the circle in half as a guide because if you are doing the mushroom pom pom, you would want to fill the entire top half with brown and bottom with white.

image 2. Overlay orange yarn on top of the green and wrap it all over the entire circle.

image3. Noticed how I cut a gap at the line, it helps to wind the yarn into the ring and also makes it easier to cut the yarn later on (you will see!).

image4. When you are done winding the yarn, get your scissors in-between the two cardboard discs and cut it all the way through.

image5. Carefully tie a string of yarn in the middle portion of your two discs and tie a few knots tightly – very tightly around the core of your pom pom.


image6. It will look like a hot mess after you remove the cardboard pieces, nothing like a carrot.

image7. So what you gotta do is to trim the orange fuzz away into a cone shape. Trim down the orange yarn that’s around the green, but leave the green yarn alone. I mean it.

imageAnd there you have it! Soft squishy play food, yummy! If you want the carrot to be longer, add more orange yarn during the wrapping process or use a bigger circle. For the tomatoes, follow the same steps but cut it round instead of a cone.

imageNow go along and achieve your masterchef pom pom dreams! Xo.