Slow it Down

When life gets a little hectic, the best way to slow it down is to keep things to a bare minimum. I thought I would share with you some thoughts on how I finally managed to get my shop up. Truth be told, I was struggling to come up with cohesive ideas for a really long time. If you could see my sketchbooks, they are literally lined with over the top concepts that were impractical and piggy bank breaking. When it came to shooting, I had a different idea for every single product. It was stressing the crap out of me. Coming up with a good concept is still tough to me till this day. Being indecisive is also another one of my weaknesses. This is how I attempted to battle it all (also a reminder to myself when the going gets tough).


Quit worrying

This is something I’m still working on. Easier said than done, as always! I knew if I continued worrying, I would never have anything up by the end of this year or the next and the next thereafter. I even told a friend that if I don’t get this side business up by the start of this year, I’m just going to quit. The worrying was beginning to take a toll on me and I felt incredibly trapped. I mean, let’s face it, the worst thing that can happen is having memories that you can laugh at 5 years down the road. You can always change your direction in life whenever you want. Same goes for bad concepts and bad hairstyles.

Stick to one decision and do it well

Every decision can be a workable decision if you stick up to it. Don’t lose faith in something that hasn’t been tried and tested. Having a million ideas in your head is pointless if you don’t execute it. Do not sit on that idea for an eternity. Get it out of your system! Yes you might make mistakes along the way or you might screw up. But life is often about eliminating things that are not right for you. In order to figure out what you should eliminate, you have to try it at least once to know it’s not going to work. So, stick to it and stop being a fair weathered friend.

Take a break

Often people think that creatives have a continuous pool of artistic ideas. The thing is being creative everyday can be a strenuous affair. This is especially so if you have to be creative both at work and after work. You can either run out of ideas or be completely overwhelmed with too many ideas. I’m going to admit that sometimes all I want to do is eat a bag of chips and watch television all day long. And so be it! Chips for life! Netflix for days!

Strip it down

Though I don’t necessarily think that less is more. It helps if you are drowning in your sea of heavy weight ideas. Lower your expectations, try something a little more manageable. I wanted so badly to make everything perfect that it ended up being a complete mess. If you can only handle one thing at a time, accept it and take it in your stride. You are only one person.

Make it work

Lastly, we all have our bad days. But don’t let it define you. I’m not someone with a big expanse of space. I do not own a studio, neither do I have a good working environment. I knew I had to work with my living situation irregardless of whether I liked it or not. There were definitely days where I complained endlessly about my tiny room. But like Tim Gunn would say, make it work! *snap fingers*