The Bearded Men


I have been painting and working on several things with clay lately. I blame it on the bad influence from all my workshop classes. Kidding! I love you, clay! You know, I might suffer from a little obsessive compulsive behaviour when working on certain projects. I reach a big fat high and just feel a desperate need to do more and more and more. It’s almost as if I have to reach the quota of exhaustion before deciding to quit. These bearded men are the perfect example of the addictive urge to create! Making the simplest of things puts you through a therapuetic state of mind and you find a sort of calmness amidst the chaos, which we so lovingly call life.


I am considering putting my men up in the shop if these painting experiments are successful. At the moment, I’m leaning towards getting some wood cut ovals for the faces. But, I do need better brushes for painting and to start learning to take care of them properly! I am guilty of not washing my brushes and leaving paint to clog on the bristles overnight.


Lots of things have been on my mind as well – playing around with different visual palettes, how to style small objects and working with my one and only light source (our dear sun!). It is not easy to make things look beautiful! One of my goals this year is to push myself to just create whatever comes to mind and not throw away the bad ideas. I remember watching an interview where Marina Abramovic said she got her students to come up with ideas and to toss the good ones in one basket and the bad ones in another. Eventually, she made them choose and use their rejected ideas at the end of the day. According to her, those are the best ones! Something to think about! Time to harness my chi and put the negative thoughts aside. The truth is, my ability to focus is poor and I am the ultimate worry wart. It sucks and I’m still working on it.


Till then, gonna be keeping my chin up! Xo.