Tutti Frutti Paper Art

ohmignonblog-fruit1Been on a fruit rush lately and have been fervently cutting up thumbnail sized fruits to create patterns. I am still playing around with them and really enjoy how I can switch up patterns easily by physically moving a shape. Considering how I’m not a fruit and vegetable person, it makes perfect sense that I much prefer playing with them. The best time to play with food is when they are made of paper!

ohmignonblog-fruit2I can’t decide if I prefer the darker or lighter coloured bananas. Speaking of bananas, I have this silly memory way back when I was still in primary school (and was a much fussier eater then). It was science class and my teacher was conducting a lesson on using our senses. One of the experiments was to test if we knew what food we were tasting while being blindfolded. I remember praying hard that I wouldn’t get picked because I didn’t want to eat anything that would make me gag. But, hey, you know what, life always gives you lemons. So there I was blindfolded in front of the class and having to taste a banana. There was no way I could suppress the gag reflex, so right after eating the banana, I excused myself to use the toilet and unbeknownst to anyone, I made banana shake in a cubicle.

I know, I was a sad excuse as a kid. Frail and always throwing up. I had a weak stomach, so even breakfast food could not survive on some days and that’s how I grew up not having the habit of eating breakfast/the most important meal of the day. Thankfully, these days it’s not a big problem anymore!


ohmignonblog-fruit4Lemons on the other hand though, I do like a lot especially if it’s a glass of pure liquid gold – honey lemon! These lemons and watermelons were initially illustrated on my computer, I printed them out to use as wrapping paper. The lemon pattern was used recently to wrap one of my friend’s birthday presents. The watermelon on the other hand is seated on my desk, mock wrapped over an empty box waiting to be photographed.


ohmignonblog-fruit6Last of the fruit! Watermelon slices! I got lazy with cutting out the seeds, so I left some of them seedless for now. Don’t you just hate watermelon seeds sometimes though?

Till the next fruit blast, eat healthy (ya right)!